Staying Positive

Positive-ThinkingIt is not always easy to stay positive, especially when life tends to throw you curve balls on a regular basis. Just when things are going great something happens to interrupt your world. So how do you manage to stay positive when you always feel as though things aren’t going your way?

Let’s look at what positive thinking is first. Positive thinking is a reflection of your attitude in relation to the way your mind works. A person with a positive attitude always has good thoughts, they use words, expressions and images that are conducive to their growth and success.

It is this attitude that allows them to have great expectations and to experience positive results. When you think in a positive way your mind starts to anticipate happiness, joy, health and this results in actions that compliment this.

Many people think that you will get whatever your mind expects. Now, not everyone thinks in this way, they don’t accept or believe in this type of positive thinking. Many people actually consider the concept of positive thinking to be nonsense. Then there are those, who seem to be in the majority, believe in it and just go for it.

Even amongst those individuals who accept this concept, there are many who just do not use positive thinking correctly. They get disappointed when they don’t see results.
But still, numerous people are attracted to this topic. Just do a quick internet search for books, lectures, webinars and courses on positive thinking. There are hundreds of products available on this topic.

One easy way to get started with positive thinking is to simply ‘Think Positive’ every day. Instead of saying you can’t do something or learn something new. Tell yourself that you will do it instead! Just this small change in your attitude can make a difference in the results you will see.

Stop thinking that things are too hard for you. Or that good things don’t happen. Start to tell yourself each morning that you will get certain things done. You will conquer learning that new software or math challenge. Or – as Nelson Gomez talks about in his “ Review” – if you are trying to lose weight, start imagining yourself in a skinny pair of jeans or a nice sexy dress every single day. Before you know it you will be fitting into them.

Another way to stay positive is by setting goals for yourself. Start off with something small such as drinking fewer cans of soda or not putting sugar in your coffee. When you can reach a goal your confidence level is boosted. This in turn improves your way of thinking, allowing you to become a more positive person. Try this method today and see if you don’t get results quickly.